From weddings to receptions to bachelor(ette) parties… we’ve got you covered!

Currituck BBQ has extensive experience in catering – from intimate, family-style beach gatherings to full, formal affairs for 2,000 people. Currituck BBQ has become known for its fine food and extensive menu far beyond what you would expect from a BBQ restaurant and a barbecue catering event.

Want a Special Menu for your Special Day?

We can do that! We have served a variety of food that stretches your notions of what a BBQ place can do. We will put our chefs to work just for you. Here are some dishes we recommend, just to name a few:

  • A classic sliced brisket, (our specialty)
  • shrimp cocktail,
  • crab meat au gratin,
  • fresh scallops,
  • grilled tuna,
  • fruit, vegetable and cheese trays (ours are works of art)

Want Help Planning Wedding events?

We can do that! We’ve worked with brides, grooms, wedding planners, you name it!

Want Casual?

We can do that! We will even show up in coveralls if you want us to. (Or not!)

Want an authentic North Carolina Pig Pickin for your reception or Bachelor(ette) Party?

We can do that! We understand the fine art of pig pickin’ and promise an authentic NC BBQ experience and the perfect side dishes to accompany your roast. We know that roasting of the pig is a long affair and starts with just the right rub and continues with the best of basting sauce throughout the roasting.

For more information or to talk with our BBQ wedding catering manager, email or call 252.453.6618 and ask to speak to Paul or Leslie. OBX Wedding Catering, NE North Carolina, SE Virginia & Beyond.